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Fall Grant - 08/2011 - Tool Factory Workshop V3 Network Site License ($1999.95 value)
Deadline: Tue 08/16/2011 03:59:59 AM
Fall is here again!

Submit a fall-themed lesson plan incorporating Tool Factory Workshop for your chance to win a free Network Site License of the software!

To apply, simply develop and submit a fall-themed lesson plan demonstrating how you would use Tool Factory Workshop. The most creative and fun lesson plan that best utilizes the software will win!

Tool Factory Workshop has been cited as "the most child-friendly office suite ever built!" It's fully configurable to the age level or learning ability of any student. Each program uses the same interface, so students switch from one application to another with ease. Get all the critical software tools for your technology program, meet all the technology standards. An important precursor to more complex office suite programs, Tool Factory Workshop establishes core knowledge that lets students transition easily to the most common adult programs, plus it’s completely adaptable for special education!

Tool Factory Resource Bank is available from every application. Get hundreds of clip art files and easily edit, create, and archive new banks of clip art. Customize any of the existing banks, save multiple versions of each bank, or create new banks altogether. The resource bank helps you organize existing content, or archive images taken from the internet. Since the banks are searchable, it's easy to compile materials specific to a particular subject.

Tool Factory Workshop includes:
•Tool Factory Word Processor – Use tools for word-wrapping, animation, and character speech to craft impressive book reports, journals, presentations, and posters.
•Tool Factory Spreadsheet – Drop a spreadsheet anywhere on the page. Connect the tables using simple algebraic formulas, then watch the answers play out dynamically.
•Tool Factory Database –Organize data with pictures, numbers, drop-downs, then have every student in the class enter data into the same file.
•Tool Factory Math Draw – Craft scaled drawings using layers, virtual protractors, rulers, measuring tools, scales, grids, and hundreds of stamps and fills.
•Tool Factory Resources Bank – Get hundreds of copyright-free clip art files and templates.
•Free Online Training Program – Visit www.toolfactory.com

Use the programs interchangeably to achieve curriculum goals. Students and teachers alike can create exciting illustrations, write lab reports, and craft instructional worksheets with the programs in Tool Factory Workshop. Tool Factory Math Draw has a fantastic grid feature for crafting scale drawings of experiments. The rotating ruler’s scale will automatically pick up the same grid scale. Automatically measure for any edge, area, or perimeter. Use the database to log data from experiments, then write up reports with the word processor! Dynamically show angle measurements as you move objects around on the screen. Log the results of experiments in Tool Factory Database, then use Tool Factory Math Draw to craft instant diagrams for lab reports. Switch to Tool Factory Spreadsheet for charting and graphing the results.

Use it with a Whiteboard! Switch the program's toolbars to the bottom so that younger students can reach them. Activate the Whiteboard controls and instantly gain access to the “right mouse” and “CTRL” icons from the toolbar.

Online Support Materials are free and always available at www.toolfactory.com. We've created a visual presentation for every application which anyone can download and immediately use for student instruction. There's a printable tutorial for every single feature of every single program in the suite. Construct your own class manual by printing free how-to instructions for your daily lessons. Visit the copy machine and dash to class! There is free clip art, lesson plans, printable worksheets, and classroom activities.

Carrie Toth
Carlyle High School
Carlyle, IL
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