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Mobile Devices in the Classroom - Dell Venue Smartphone - 3 will be awarded ($400 each value)
Deadline: Tue 04/30/2013 04:33:18 PM
Judging Criteria: Submit your lesson plan on effectively using smartphones in the classroom and qualify to win one of three Dell Venue Pro smartphones.
Submit your lesson plan on effectively using mobile devices in the classroom and qualify to win one of three Dell Venue Pro smartphones.

About the Dell Venue Pro Smartphone

Invite your students to help brainstorm a fantastic classroom project! Here's some examples of Smartphone Use in the Classrooms to get you started!
  • Mobility helps parents encourage anywhere, anytime learning.
  • Low cost helps educators reach underserved children that are geographically or economically disadvantaged.
  • Encourages 21st century skills like communication and collaboration.
  • Enables a more personalized learning experience by creating individualized interventions. For example creating a personalized reading ‘playlist' of content that targets their individual reading challenges.
  • For algebra and geometry courses, students are using Smartphones as calculators and finding information on the web, watching math videos, and playing educational games. Students using the phones reported feeling more confident about their math abilities were more motivated to take other math courses.
  • Smartphones with messaging and calling capabilities disabled help to avoid misuse.
  • Connect to the internet, schedule assignments, and send emails to their teachers.
  • Sync with school computers to transfer work and assignments.
  • Do homework while on-the-go and connect with teachers while away from school.
  • Have web quests, scan QR codes linked to vocabulary and reading websites, make excel spreadsheets, create quizzes, and even graph science lab results.
  • Create, edit, and review Microsoft Office documents.
  • Use the camera and video functions to take an image of blackboard notes, art and science projects or capture images for assignments.
  • Use as a clicker voting device.
  • Using the GPS function, find directions to any location and use for geography assignments.
  • Download free and low-cost mobile apps via the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Mary Barton
Meridian Technology Center
Stillwater, OK
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Joyce Rosales
South Miami K-8 Center
Miami, FL
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Anna Karas
Avon Grove Charter School
Avon Grove, PA
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