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Vocabulary and Humor for High School Students - May - Vocab Video Subscription ($90.00 value)
Deadline: Sat 06/01/2013 03:59:59 AM
Judging Criteria: Guideline adherence. Lesson plans should cover high school vocabulary and humor Coherency. Lesson plans must be well-organized and well-written. Proper Grammar Usage, Punctuation, and Spelling. Lessons should contain no grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Curriculum Relevance. Lesson plans must be curriculum-oriented. Creativity and Fun. Lesson plans must be unique and exciting to implement. Student Involvement. Lesson plans must encourage student participation. Technology Integration. Lesson plans must incorporate technology.
Create and submit a lesson plan involving high school level vocabulary, sprinkle in a bit of humor and you'll qualify for a chance to get a subscription of Vocab Videos for your classroom. We'll award one grant per month, but you'll only need to submit one lesson plan for the this grant.

About Vocab Videos:

Vocab Videos is an online vocabulary system for students and educators that uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of 500 high value, frequently-tested SAT, ACT, & high school vocabulary words. The vocabulary learning videos were developed by a team of SAT and standardized test experts and produced using professional actors and comedians. The vocabulary videos are organized into episodes of 20 words (approximately 10 minutes), forming short stories with memorable characters and entertaining plots.

Each video follows a structure designed to make memorizing easier, using both auditory and visual cues. A freeze frame of the vocabulary word and its definition generally start each video, while a voice-over provides the proper pronunciation and reinforces the meaning. The vocabulary word is then illustrated by the action in the video (approximately 30 seconds), and concludes with a voice-over of either the definition of the word or a sentence using the word in the context of the scene.

Watch a few of the videos here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=6919

Edwin Everett
Rio Hondo High School
Rio Hondo, TX
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