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Elementary Science Fair - Elementary Science Software Bundle - 6 CD Set (329.00 value)
Deadline: Sat 01/31/2015 11:59:59 PM
Judging Criteria: Submit an original lesson plan incorporating a hands-on Science Project or Science Fair theme for students in grades 2-6. The most unique lesson plan will be awarded the Elementary Science Software Bundle.
Grades: 2-6
Series includes:

Badger Trails
Science Explorer I
Science Explorer II
Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth
Science Stars Underwater Rescue

About Badger Trails

Take a trip down the badger trail in this fiercely addictive science CD. Explore the world from the perspective of a badger, foraging for food, avoiding predators, and finding a den. 'See', 'hear', 'smell', and 'taste' what a badger does, and score points for successes. But be careful not to loose a life! Badger Trails is a fascinating way to develop map skills knowledge of life sciences. It's sure to delight! Winner of the 2004 Boston Museum of Science "Best Software for Kids" award.

About Science Explorer I

Young Einsteins will love exploring this award-winning virtual museum of science. Explore seven stunning 3D galleries to complete 26 interactive experiments, study science topics, and collect observations. Teachers will love the support materials and the ability to track student progress in the Logbook feature. Amazing 3-D graphics and slide shows will totally engage budding scientists as they progress through the exciting exhibits in the Science Explorer museum.

Topics include: The human being, Forces and motion, The material world, Space, Living things , Electricity, and Light & sound

About Science Explorer II

This second CD-ROM in the award-winning series provides more fantastic opportunities for scientific investigation. Students enter 6 virtual laboratories in the impressive Science Explorer station to complete 18 interactive investigations. Young scientists will learn fascinating facts and information about laboratory equipment as they explore each area of the 3-D station. Observations can be easily recorded in an on-screen lab book, and fun quizzes are available in the Think Tank. Teachers can track each student's progress in the Logbook, and print classroom support materials right from the CD!

Topics include: Gravity, springs, elastic, and air resistance, Teeth, muscles, and movement, Living things and microbes, Mixing and separating, The planets, light and dark, Conductors and insulators, Heat, and materials.

About Bodywise

Enliven health and science curriculum with this impressive and totally interactive program. Bodywise presents information about the human body in a concise, comprehensive way. Excellent animations and graphics let students investigate body systems, health education topics, and frequently asked questions about the human body. Easy to navigate, students simply click to zoom in on body systems, read informative text, or get pop-up definitions of vocabulary. Complete fun activities, and take a self-paced quiz. Teacher Options make the program fully customizable. Bodywise is ideal for use with a white board or projector.

About Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth

A group of archaeologists find themselves trapped in the Labyrinth on Force Island. Only the elite group of scientists known as the Science Stars Task Force can rescue them - but they need the help of your students. So begins a gripping adventure in which children build their knowledge of forces and motion as they overcome the challenges encountered during the rescue.

Ideal for small group work, students develop their experimental skills through four engrossing activities and two levels of difficulty. Each activity is supported with interactive explanations of key learning points. There is also full narration to ensure good accessibility for less advanced readers.

Topics include:
Force meters
Water resistance
Air resistance

About Science Stars Underwater Rescue

Construction workers are building an underwater observation laboratory when an explosion corrupts their computer, locking the electronic doors. The Science Stars enlist the help of students to get vital supplies of food and water to the workers and fix their computer before they run out of air. This thrilling science adventure extends children's understanding of forces and motion with four engaging activities supported by interactive explanations and full narration.

Key Content:
Gravity and upthrust
Stretching and pulling
Direction and size of forces
Revising forces
Air and water resistance


These programs operate on Windows XP and Mac OS 7.1 or earlier operating systems Some programs may function on higher operating systems

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