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Digital Citizenship for Middle School - January - IT Curriculum: Unit 1 Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety for Middle School (299 value)
Deadline: Sun 01/31/2016 11:59:59 PM
Judging Criteria: Create and submit a unique lesson plan recognizing and addressing the social and media responsibilities of a Middle School (6-8 grade) internet user.
Digital Wish is working with middle schools to address growing concerns about the misuse of the internet on laptops, tablets and personal smart phones. This new course was created to help build cyber safety awareness, respect for others and responsible use when using the internet and communicating electronically with others.

For accountability, we include a competency test to determine what students have absorbed from this 5 unit course taught in 40 minute segments. The test has been used by some schools to issue an 'internet drivers license' to students for the privilege of having personal laptops, tablets smart phones on campus.

Curriculum Elements
Netiquette: Kindness and impact awareness; ways of communication
Democracy, Ethics, and the Law: Voice, citizenship, responsibility, privacy, commercial targeting, and government surveillance online
Electronic Health: Caring for yourself; healthy and unhealthy uses of technology
Cyber-safety: Protecting yourself and your computer; social dangers, bullying, viruses, and scams
Media Literacy: Copyright & fair use, media literacy, marketing, stereotyping, effective searching
Knowing Right from Wrong: What the wrong may lead to in the community and criminal justice system
Each element is organized to be delivered as five 40 minutes classroom lecture-style lessons. The competency test can be administered following the course completion.

The Digital Citizenship curriculum pack includes:
Edit ready worksheets
Teacher Quick Lesson Guides
Certificates of Success
Classroom-ready Digital Presentations (Prezi presentations)
Digital Citizenship Poster Contest resources
Competency Test Questions
All materials are delivered electronically and include a school-wide unlimited use license.

Jessica Polak
Keyport Central Elem School
Keyport, NJ
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