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Video Editing and Production Grant - 06/2011 - Tool Factory Movie Maker Network Site License ($699.95 value)
Deadline: Thu 06/16/2011 03:59:59 AM
Apply for the Video Editing and Production Grant for a chance to win a free Tool Factory Movie Maker Network Site License!

To apply, simply develop and submit a lesson plan demonstrating how you would use Tool Factory Movie Maker in your curriculum. The most creative and fun lesson plan that best utilizes the software will win!

Video production has never been this easy! Edit together video clips, photos, text, and sound effects to create your very own studio-quality movie production. The simple click-and-drag interface allows you to easily browse for clips and add them to the movie timeline.

Select from a myriad of transitions to craft an easy flow between video scenes. Enhance your project using fun effects such as blur, black-and-white, fade in/out, emboss and more. It's easy to rearrange and crop your video clips using the drag-handles along the movie timeline. Preview your production in the movie preview window, or view the show as large as your computer screen will allow.

This is also a fantastic program for creating claymation or Disney-style animation. Browse for a whole group of sequential images and insert them all at once onto the timeline. Click the 'play' button and watch your sequential animation come to life before your eyes!

Features include:
•10 Special effects for video or image.
•19 Transitions including wipe, checkerboard, cross-fade, and reveals.
•Record audio directly into the movie timeline.
•Crop movies or images using easy drag-handles.
•Record video with an easy capture tool.
•Adjust timeline to suit your pace.
•Click-and-drag to add, or reorder selections on the timeline.
•Create studio quality movie productions in minutes!
•Large buttons allow for easy click-and-drag additions and manipulations!

Use Tool Factory Movie Maker to:
•Edit together video clips with cool transitions.
•Create a slide show of a class field trip.
•Build a claymation or animation sequence.
•Tell a historical story of a character.
•Record class productions and skits.
•Record school plays and recitals.
•Demonstrate science concepts.
•Record chapter reviews for extended study.

Gina McCarley
Lawrence Co High School
Moulton, AL
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