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Computer History Jeopardy (Nonlinear PowerPoint)

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Keywords: Computers, Computer History, PowerPoint, Technology
Subject(s): Technology, History
Grades 10 through 12
School: Ouachita Parish High School, Monroe, LA
Planned By: C. Carraway
Original Author: C. Carraway, Monroe
Students create a nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint about the history of computers. They are individually assigned a computer history topic (person, computer device, etc.) to research and they must bring something to class that they could associate with their topic (ex. AI--chess game, Apple computers--an apple, Logo--a turtle).

They use a digital camera to take a picture of their item for their PowerPoint slides. Individually they create 'their' slides adding text, backgrounds, transitions, animations, graphics, sounds, etc.

As a group, the class will put the slides together and link them to the beginning slide, which looks a lot like the Jeopardy game board (The students have made this slide, too.) and to slides declaring that the answer is "Correct" or "Incorrect."

They download the Jeopardy theme music from a free site on the Internet and add this to the beginning slide. Once all the links are made, they "play" Computer History Jeopardy to review for the Computer History test.

Assessments: Computer History Test. The PowerPoint is graded with a rubric ("Do all the links work?", grammar, accuracy, teamwork, attractiveness, etc.).

Variations: "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?", "Survivor" (Answer questions to save the student from the teacher.) Students record their own sound for these games.
Materials: Batteries, Flash/USB Drives, Digital Voice Recorders, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs, Slideshow