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Canada Geography PowerPoint

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Keywords: presentations, geography, Canada, PowerPoint
Subject(s): Geography, Technology, Social Studies
Grades 5 through 12
School: Gordonsville School, Gordonsville, TN
Planned By: Tracy Alexander
Original Author: Tracy Alexander, Gordonsville
Objectives - divided among teams
A Teams
1. Describe Canada’s major landforms, rivers, and lakes.
2. Identify Canada’s major climate types and natural resources.

B Teams
1. Discuss the effect France and Britain had on Canada’s history.
2. Describe how immigrants have influenced Canadian culture.

C Teams
1. Analyze how regionalism has affected Canada
2. Identify Canada’s major areas and provinces.

The class is divided into teams, each team having 2 - 3 members. One class period is used for research in the school library and one class period for internet research. The remaining two days of computer lab are spent on creating the presentation. The class was given a rubric for the PowerPoint appearance and content.

Each student made two presentation slides, added text boxes, graphics, pictures from files, and color to learn basic PowerPoint skills. The teams are given their objectives and requirements for the presentations. Each team covered the objectives listed, included a minimum of three photos, one map and/or one historical document in their presentation. Students used digital cameras to take pictures of maps and photos found in text and library books. Students also added reference information for websites and books.

Each group presented their PowerPoints to the entire class, and the team is graded on the PowerPoint presentation and not on presenting to the class.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital SLR, Social Studies, Word Processor, Slideshow