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Keywords: science, digital art, anatomy, manuals
Subject(s): Photography, Biology, Technology, Art, English/Language Arts, Science
Grades 11 through 12
School: Archbishop Alter High School, Kettering, OH
Planned By: Bonnie C. Walter
Original Author: Bonnie C. Walter, Kettering
I am convinced that my anatomy students will have better retention of mammal structures and improve their test scores if they construct their own lab manual.

I typically have 12 groups of 2 students each during the 8 weeks we spend on dissection. I will put 2 groups together to make one manual. This means each of my anatomy classes will produce 6 books. I typically have 3 anatomy classes.

Students will take digital photographs of structures and the orientation of the structures. They will edit the photos by labeling the important structures. They will also include helpful hints and descriptions. We will put the manuals on the student's flash drives, so they can study at home for the exams I give on the cat. Also, because we use Blackboard, the manuals can be posted online.

The idea is to share books the first year and observe the variation of structures. Then, the next year, new anatomy students will do the same thing, but will have their unique helpful hints and descriptions and be helped by students preceding them.

The materials for this could serve double-duty in zoology class. Our digital art class would be involved by helping us with camera use and how to be more creative. I want each group to design a cover for the manual that is unique and artistic, thus the art classes could participate. This project would be the marriage of science, art, technology, and language skills!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
As stated, this needs language, technology, art, and science skills.
These manuals can be used for review and can be added to each year by new students.
Materials: Science, Flash/USB Drives, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs, Word Processor
Other Items: 2 Box of page protectors, $ 10.00 each, total of $20.00
2 Ream of paper, $ 5.00 each, total of $10.00
18 Large binders for photos, $ 5.00 each, total of $90.00
1 Printing costs for photographs (Kinko), $ 200.00 each, total of $200.00
3 Binder Dividers, $ 10.00 each, total of $30.00