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Mondrian - Primary/Secondary Color Study

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Keywords: Color Mixing, Primary colors, Secondary colors, photoshop
Subject(s): Art, Technology
Grades 7 through 12
School: Mt Pleasant-Blythdale School, Valhalla, NY
Planned By: Sharon McCann
Original Author: Sharon McCann, Valhalla
NYS Standards:
Standard 1: Creating, performing, and participating in the arts. Students will actively engage in the process that constitutes creation and performance in the arts.

Standard 2. Knowing and using art materials, techniques, and processes. Students will know about resources and opportunities for participation in visual arts in the community and use appropriate materials.

Essential Questions:
Tier 1 What are the primary and secondary colors?
2 How are secondary colors created?
3. How do I create secondary colors in a computer program?

Enduring Understanding: Seconadary colors can be created from primary colors in a computer program assignment that reflects the style of Mondrian

Key Knowledge and Skills:
(Mastery Objectives)
Tier 1 Use photoshop to create a colorblock design of primary colors.
2. Edit design to create secondary colors
3. Demonstrate knowledge of photoshop tools

Tier 1 Use photoshop to create a colorblock design of primary colors.
2. Edit design to create secondary colors
3. Demonstrate knowledge of photoshop tools

Stage 3: Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction
Materials: Photoshop program, computer, directions, BONUS: LCD projector to demonstrate project and assist when students have difficulty as a group
Show examples of Mondrian and discuss primary and secondary colors. Using prior knowledge of computer skills, ask if anyone can figure out how to create secondary colors from primary. Demo project and review lesson directions.

Learning Experiences:
Directions for Mondrian/ Primary and Secondary color study Photoshop Project

1. Create a new document in photoshop (select dimensions,
resolution, and transparent background)

2. Using the paint bucket tool, fill the entire layer with black

3. Select Layer and create a new layer. You can name it or leave it numbered and click on ok.

4. Using the select tool (rectangular), draw a shape in this layer.

5. Click on the black and white colored squares to get to the color menu and choose a primary color (red, medium blue, or yellow)

6. Click on the paint bucket tool and then click inside your rectangular shape. This should change the color of your rectangle to the primary color you chose.

7. Create a new layer (step 3), repeat steps 4, 5, & 6 using another primary color.

8. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, &6 using the third primary color.

Stop at this point and get your assignment checked!

Part 2.

1. Select a section of one primary colored shape and copy it.

2. Paste this into a new layer. In this layer, move the piece until it overlaps another primary shape of a different color. You may also turn this piece by going to edit; transform; flip horizontal or vertical. You may also rotate your piece by degrees or by dragging the corner of the piece to the desired position. When your piece is in the desired placement, you must press enter to secure it in place and to exit from the edit/transform mode.

3. Still working in this layer, look for opacity in your layer window. Click on this and change the opacity from 100% to around 40 – 60% until you see a secondary color “mixed” on the overlapped section of your artwork. (For example, if you are pasting a yellow rectangle over a red square, change the transparency of the yellow rectangle by lowering the opacity. This should produce an orange color where the two shapes overlap.)

4. Repeat this process with the other primary colors until you have created and demonstrated 3 primary and 3 secondary colors in your artwork.

Color Results:
Primary + Primary = Secondary

Red + Yellow =
Yellow + Blue =
Blue + Red =

5. Use the selection and paint bucket tools to create black outlines around your shapes.

Materials: Paint, Flash/USB Drives
Other Items: 1 LCD Projector
2 Photoshop software, $650 each, total of $1300.00
2 USB Keys
1 Color Printer