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Keywords: podcast, Government, Civics
Subject(s): Social Studies, Podcasting, Civics
Grades 9 through 12
School: Lindbergh High School, Saint Louis, MO
Planned By: Bryan Hilton
Original Author: Bryan Hilton, Saint Louis
1. The teacher will have students create a list of questions (or the teacher can already have them prepared) that deal either with government in general, or with a specific unit i.e. the executive branch.

2. The students will take the digital voice recorders, either on their own or with a partner depending on class size, and ask other students, their family, or possibly people at the mall or other places, the questions that they have prepared.

3. After the students have performed the interviews, they will take the information and work together to create a podcast with the answers for the class to hear or the podcast could be uploaded to a class website. After step 4, the students would create a podcast that correctly answers the questions. In addition to this, other schools would be able to access the podcasts to incorporate in their classroom instruction.

4. The students would then process the activity, discussing possible reasons as to why people generally tend to lack knowledge about our government and elected representatives. In addition to this, the teacher would reinforce the material from the unit.

5. Another step that could be taken is to record demographic information such as age of the people interviewed to determine if there is a correlation between knowledge of government, and whether or not people vote.
The lab would give the students more freedom in where they conduct their interviews. The software would be vital in creating the podcast, and the web page station would allow the class to upload the podcasts.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The basic concept of this lesson could be applied to most any subject. This lesson deals with both Civics and Technology.
This could be an ongoing lesson in almost an episode type format and could be done once a unit depending on the unit. Another possibility would involve trying to get a larger sample group when compiling voting data, which could be done by having all students taking civics in the school doing interviews, or requiring that each student interview a certain number of people.
Materials: Mobile Labs
Other Items: 1 Mobile Podcasting Lab, $3459.99 each, total of $3459.99