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Keywords: Digital Photography, Windows Movie Maker
Subject(s): Technology, Photography
Grades 5 through 12
School: Chestnut Ridge Sr High School, New Paris, PA
Planned By: Keith Fleegle
Original Author: Keith Fleegle, New Paris
Set: Today you are going to create a picture video of our school using a digital camera and Windows Movie Maker. Your objective is to create a picture montage of the qualities you like about our school.


Day 1
A. Introduce students to the cameras
a. Demonstrate how to take a picture using a digital camera. Demonstrate how to zoom in and out and how to layout a picture.
b. Demonstrate how to Download the pictures into their folder. Show students how to use USB cables and save pictures into the appropriate files.
B. Tour the school with the students and allow them to take pictures of each other and various activities and locations that they enjoy such as Gym, Cafeteria, office, etc.
a. Check with teachers and the office before taking photo's as not to upset anyone.
b. Check also with the office so as not to take a picture of anyone who is on the do not photograph list.
c. When completed, download pictures.

Day 2
Introduce students to Windows Movie Maker

A. Have students open up Windows Movie Maker
a. Double Click the icon on the desktop
b. Select start then scroll up to All Programs and select Windows Movie Maker

B. Create a New Project by selecting File and scrolling down to New Project.

C. Open up the Task Bar by selecting view and scrolling down to Task Bar. This will give students the options they need.
C. Import Pictures
a. On the Task bar select Import pictures.
b. This will take them to the My Picture folder.
c. Find their folder either by selecting the icons on the left or selecting the arrow down to their folder.
d. Select the pictures they want in their Movie. If they want more than one picture they will need to hold down on the ctrl key.
e. After selecting all of the pictures, click the import button. This will put all of your pictures in the movie.

D. Laying out your movie
a. Next, assemble your pictures in the order that you will want them by dragging them into the storyboard.
b. If you want to change them, you can drag them to rearrange them into a different order.
c. You can also delete them by selecting them and pressing delete.

E. Editing your movie
a. You can add Titles and Credits to your movie at the beginning and in front of slides.
b. You can also edit the color and style of Titles.
c. Transitions can also be added between slides to make a smoother transition from one slide to the next.
d. Effects can also be added to create various themes.
e. You can get into this as much or as little as you want.
G. Adding music. (For this part you will need speakers)
a. If you do not already have music in your computer, you will have to import it into the computer.
b. Select import music on your task bar and then select the track you want to use.
c. It will show up in your collection
d. Then select the track and place it in the audio/ music track where you want it to come in.
d. You can also right click on the track to have it fade in or out.
Closure: Student will create their movie.

We will all watch and enjoy the various movies of the school. This activity could also be used for other activities and you can also download pictures from the internet but be careful of copywrite violations.

You can get user guides for Windows Movie Maker from their website.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This activity can be tied into any Curriculum. If you were doing a story, students could play characters and then type in the various scenes as titles
Have students create a second Movie.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Video Editing, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries
Other Items: 10 Speakers, $ 10.00 each, total of $100.00
5 Digital Camera, $ 250.00 each, total of $1250.00