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A Moment in Time

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Keywords: ScrapBooks, Newspaper, Video Clips
Subject(s): Journalism, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Writing, Technology, Video
Grade 5
School: Glen Acres Elementary School, Lafayette, IN
Planned By: Melissa G.
Original Author: Melissa G., Lafayette
Task: You are in a time machine that allows you to travel back in United States history. You are an archaeologist hired to explore the historical events of a moment in time. The museum expects a visual representation of your journey to include in the new exhibit.

1. Choose a year between 1801 and 1999.
2. Write three research questions to answer about your year. Questions may be written to include transportation, fashion, government, housing, family life, economics, occupations, and entertainment.
3. Include a description of three major events that happened during your time period.
4. Investigate and include the biographies of three famous people from your year.

Product Options:
1. A field guide (scrapbook) which includes all of the research above and photographs of objects and people that support your findings.
2. Video-taped talk show, news broadcast, or skit, which includes characters and/or examples that explains your findings.
3. Newspaper of your year including photos, advertisements, and new stories explaining your findings!
4. Another idea? See the teacher!
Students will share their presentations with other time travelers.
Materials: Web Page, Keyboarding, Word Processor, Social Studies, Digital Voice Recorders, Mobile Labs