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My Giving Tree

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Keywords: Book Making, layout, word processing, Writing Process, Research, Journaling
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Photography, Information Skills
Grades 6 through 8
School: J L Newbern Middle School, Valdosta, GA
Planned By: Marilyn Johnson
Original Author: Marilyn Johnson, Valdosta

Day 1: Students will survey the trees and soil on the campus to identify native and invasive trees located on their campus. Students will take various pictures of the trees during the year.

Next, students will collect leaves from the trees, identify the species, and document changes that their tree experiences during the school year using guide books provided by the Georgia Forestry Commission and Project Learning Tree Program.

Day 2: After reading the story The Giving Tree, students will adopt a native tree sprout donated by a local nursery, plant, and care for their trees. Students will use a "tree cookies" activity to learn how to tell the age of a tree and how to identify stresses that a tree may experience in its life. Students will use their journals to draw their own "life cookies," identifying various events in their lives. Students will research the care of their tree sprouts and the benefits that humans derive from their tree.

Day 3: Students will use the internet to research why the protection of trees is vital to the continued existence of both human and animal life. Students will identify present human practices that threaten tree habitats.

Day 4: Students will use the research of their trees to write a story about their relationship with their tree during the year. Students will advocate for environmental protection.

Day 5: Students use technology skills to word process their stories, download pictures, and scan drawings for their books. Students will select the cover for their books and dedicate their books. Students will print stories for publication.

The project is year long.

Students will share published stories with family and young elementary students.
Materials: Point and Shoot, English and Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Keyboarding, xD Memory Cards
Other Items: 50 StudentTreasurers Packages, $ 12.00 each, total of $600.00