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Faces of Emotion

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Keywords: Facial Expressions; Body language
Subject(s): Social Skills
Grade 5
School: Gilbert Haven Elem School, Savannah, GA
Planned By: Teresa Lane
Original Author: Teresa Lane, Savannah
Objective: To help students become aware of the way facial expressions and body language affect people.

Procedures: Students will pick partners to take pictures of each other. They will "exhibit" an emotion and / or body language and have their partner photograph them.

Students will upload their photos to the computer and compile them into a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint will be shown on the classroom television.

Students will view each image and offer and interpretation of what emotion each student was trying to convey. After students have had an opportunity to view each slide, the class will discuss the interpretations.

Individual students should be ready to offer their feelings of what they were trying to convey. A class discussion will then take place to talk about facial expressions / body language and the messages they convey.

Our students have trouble expressing themselves appropriately and need help in recognizing their emotions and how to display them appropriately.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Digital SLR, Mobile Labs, Paint, Web Page, Slideshow, Clipart, English and Language Arts, Social Studies, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries
Other Items: 25 HP Q2509A Everyday Photo Paper, semi-gloss (100 sheets, 8.5 x 1, $ 14.83 each, total of $370.75