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Keywords: Technology, Podcasting
Subject(s): Technology, Social Skills, Journalism, Photography, Podcasting, Information Skills
Grades K through 6
School: Arlington Classics Academy, Arlington, TX
Planned By: Diane Lowery
Original Author: Diane Lowery, Arlington
Radio Griffin is an extracurricular program made available to the students of Arlington Classics Academy. Under the leadership of one of our teachers and technical help of an ACA parent who made the station possible, 4th-6th grade students serve as station manager, announcers, reporters, and audio engineers. All content on Radio Griffin is pre-recorded and mixed by students. Younger students will often appear on Radio Griffin in interviews or presenting work they have done.

Students try out for this 6 person team by recording a mock show and by submitting an application of ideas. Students are chosen according to jobs;

Station Manager: Provides the organization to the show, manages the recording, makes sure things run smoothly overall.
Audio Engineer: Uses an audio program to edit, mix, and add sound effects to the show
Recording Manager: Records the show
Voice Talent
Webmaster: Designs and updates the Radio Griffin Website. http://radiogriffin.com

Students meet weekly to plan, revise, record, and mix their show. The show is then, with the help of an ACA parent, broadcasted through a low frequency antennae to a radio station. Parents, teachers, and visitors can access this radio station up to a mile away from the school.

The students plan each show with some guidance of a teacher. They include weekly ACA news, interviews about special events here at ACA, interviews of students and staff, record students reading their poems or reports, and so much more!

Students also upkeep their website http://radiogriffin.com. They update pictures, update information, and keep their webpage freshly designed each week! The show is also podcasted on their website as well.
We are in the midst of our first year doing Radio Griffin. We are using an old donated laptop, Audacity, and a usb microphone. We would like to improve our equipment so we can create better shows. The team would also like a website that has more options. Right now we use office live for free.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
We are also working on an idea for next year to have each classroom complete a small radio segment on a subject they are working on in class.
Links: Current Radio Griffin Website
Materials: Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs, Web Page, Slideshow, Clipart, Podcasting, Video Editing, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Digital Voice Recorders, Flash/USB Drives
Other Items: 1 FM Transmitter Ramsey FM 30B, $250 each, total of $250.00
1 Behringer B-1 Studio Microphone, $150 each, total of $150.00
1 DBX Microphone Processor, $250 each, total of $250.00
1 Audio Interface, $250 each, total of $250.00
2 Desktop Computer with DVD drive, $500 each, total of $1000.00