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Thanksgiving Feast

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Keywords: Special Education, Life Skills, Thanksgiving Feast
Subject(s): Math, English/Language Arts, Art, Technology, Health and PE, Social Skills, Photography, Special Needs
Grades 6 through 8
School: Beaty Warren Middle School, Warren, PA
Planned By: Jennifer Morrison
Original Author: Jennifer Morrison, Warren

1 - the students will use TOOL FACTORY WORKSHOP to create a list of family, faculty, and staff who will be invited to the feast;

2 the students will take various pictures related to the fall season using DIGITAL CAMERAS;

3 the students will then work cooperatively with regular education students to create individual invitations using TOOL FACTORY DATABASE and download the pictures from the DIGITAL CAMERAS;

4 the students will make a grocery list of items needed to purchase at the store on TOOL FACTORY SPREADSHEET. This spreadsheet will help organize and will be easily used by the students to check off the purchases and then place them in the cart at the grocery store. The TOOL FACTORY SPREADSHEET will also help the students calculate the total prices of items in order to stay within their budget;

5 the students will use the DIGITAL CAMERAS to take pictures of the individual food items and create visual recipes using CLIP ART STATION;

6 - the pictures of the food items that were taken with the DIGITAL CAMERAS will also be used to make a picture schedule/timeline of events on TOOL FACTORY WORKSHOP that will be used to help organize the order in which the food will be prepared and projects produced;

7 the students will use TOOL FACTORY WORKSHOP and CLIP ART STATION to make place cards for each individual attending the feast;

8 - the students will make placemats using fall pictures they will take using the DIGITAL CAMERA, download them to TOOL FACTORY WORKSHOP, then print and have them laminated;

We feel that our Thanksgiving feast is an outstanding opportunity for the students to have hands-on experiences that could be enhanced by the Olympus Special Education grant. The students would benefit from the access to functional technology that can be provided through Tool Factory software.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The students will work with the school Yearbook Staff to create a page for the yearbook using the pictures that will be taken of students preparing the meal and on the day of the feast using the DIGITAL CAMERAS.

With the addition of Tool Factory software and Olympus digital camera, we aspire to integrate the technology gained through the Thanksgiving event into other projects and activities throughout the school year. Students could make self help books like, "How to Brush your Teeth," "How to Buy Lunch in the Cafeteria," or "How to Order a Meal at McDonald's."
Materials: Point and Shoot, Yearbook, Word Processor, Web Page, Slideshow, Clipart, Special Education, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Digital Voice Recorders, Batteries
Other Items: 5 hp c6578d colored ink cartiages, $ 57.45 each, total of $287.25
5 hp 51645a black ink cartiage, $ 46.95 each, total of $234.75
5 packages of photo paper 4 X 6, $ 17.30 each, total of $86.50
5 packages of photo paper 8 1/2 X 11, $ 21.95 each, total of $109.75