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USA States Mini-book

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Keywords: 50 states, mini-books, social studies, technology
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Geography, Technology, Civics, History
Grades K through 5
School: Fredrick J Gaenslen School, Milwaukee, WI
Planned By: R. Fenwick
Original Author: R. Fenwick, Milwaukee
1. Students choose one of the 50 states to research.

2. The following information must be located. Use http://www.50states.com or www.nettrekker.com.

Those students who wish to add more slides (pages) to their mini-books can do so with teacher permission.
a. Slide 1 - Name of state, picture of state, student name and date.
b. Slide 2 - Information about a major historical event in the state's history.
c. Slide 3 - Leader from the state (name and position held).
d. Slide 4 - Culture of state (people, traditions, food, etc.).
e. Slide 5 - Geographical region (climate, land characteristics, etc.).
f. Slide 6 - Economy information (natural resources, types of agriculture, etc.).

3. Students create each slide using PowerPoint and also add pictures where applicable.

4. Slides are then printed out six to a page, cut apart, and stapled together.

5. Print on colored paper if possible.

6. Each student should also present their 'USA State PowerPoint Slideshow' to the class using a SMART Board.

(This assignment could be adjusted for grade level and/or ability use.)
Materials: Keyboarding