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Trout Fishing in the Connoquenessing Watershed

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Keywords: tourism brochure, trout fishing
Subject(s): Photography, Earth Science, Technology, Social Skills, Service Learning, Science, Journalism
Grades 7 through 8
Original Author: David Andrews, Butler
The Butler Junior High School Trout Fishing Club is an award winning community service group for dedicated 7th and 8th grade anglers. Every year, the group participates in numerous stream clean-ups, and has collected over 10 tons of trash from our local waterways. The group has been recognized with several local and state-level awards for its community service projects. To continue on with our community service projects, the club would like to publish a trout fishing guide for the Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau. This guide could then be distributed to interested parties who are visiting our community to help them experience trout fishing in our area.

This grant would be used for the production of a tri-fold brochure that would then be given to the Tourism Bureau. The students would be able to use the cameras to photograph our local streams and lakes to include visual images of our trout fishing areas. These pictures would then be incorporated with a map of the area and text descriptions with the Tool Factory Workshop. Once completed and proofed, the brochure would be published in a tri-fold format and distributed to the Bureau.

Once this aspect of the grant is completed, the cameras and software would then be utilized for the updating of the club website. Members would be able to change the format of the site, update pictures of our streams, and include discussion of completed projects. The club is also involved in a major stream restoration project near our school, and visual evidence could be presented in a slide show format once the project is completed.
Materials: Slideshow, Word Processor, Camera Bags, Point and Shoot, Wildlife
Other Items: Printing Costs for Brochure, $300 each
Memory Cards (256K), $100 each
Camera Batteries, $50 each
Camera Cases, $50 each