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Digital Leaf Collections

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Keywords: Leaves, Digital, Classification Keys, Classification
Subject(s): Biology, Life Science, Photography, Science
Grade 7
School: Willow Valley Middle School, Wellsville, UT
Planned By: Rod Buttars
Original Author: Rod Buttars, Wellsville
Students collect approximately 20 leaves from area trees. They take a picture of each leaf, branch, and tree with a digital camera. They could also collect the actual leaf specimen if wanted.

Students then use classification keys to research and identify their leaves. Once all of their leaves have been identified, students use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a slideshow presentation displaying the digital photography of their leaves including descriptions and scientific names for each specimen.

Students are extended a challenge to use hyper-linked text to create a digital classification key that another person could use to identify one of the leaves from their collection.

This lesson requires digital cameras, computers, and software. It integrates technology, science and literacy. The lesson will take several days from start to completion depending on how much technology instruction is required for different students.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson ties to language arts, because students are using writing skills to present information in a format so that others can understand. The lesson also ties to technology classes.
Materials: Slideshow, Web Page, Word Processor, Science, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital SLR, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 35 Sony 2 GB Memory Stick, $ 39.99 each, total of $1399.65
35 Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 MP, $ 149.99 each, total of $5249.65
35 Sony Nylon Case Black, $ 19.99 each, total of $699.65