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This is A Day in My Life: A Photo Essay

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Keywords: visual storytelling
Subject(s): Photography, Technology, Art, English/Language Arts
Grades 8 through 12
School: Tully Jr Sr High School, Tully, NY
Planned By: virginia killmore
Original Author: virginia killmore, Tully
Begin the assignment by showing students a group of photos that show a day in your life. (see links below)

Have a discussion with the students about how to create a group of photos that seem related or tell a story.
Brainstorm with students some ideas and create a list.
Give students cameras and let them take photos. The work sheet I give students is written below.

This is a 10-photograph assignment. Take 30 or more pictures that tell a story about a day in your life. The photos can include an event or typical things that happen in day. The photos together should tell a story. The story should be in pictures instead of words. Perhaps it is a photo of a person watching TV and a bicycle and your best friend...perhaps it is a special hobby and someone close to you...perhaps it is the forest or a special place. These pictures must be morally and legally able to be displayed. Look for the special things that make you special and uniquely YOU.

As usual, you will need to create good composition, good exposure, and think about the backgrounds and the story content of each photo. Upload images to an album in photo bucket called photo essay, and create a page called Photo essay with your initials at the beginning.

What to do Value
1 Create an album called Photo essay at http://photobucket.com account with your initials in the name 10
2 Take at least 30 new photos. Take 30 or more pictures that tell a story about a day in your life and post all 30 on your Photo bucket account in the Photo essay . Take the best ten and post them first. Those photos should show proof of editing (post the original and then the edited version, so a total of 40 will be the minimum 40
3 Create a link on your wiki page to the album page called Photo essay with your initials in the name and on that page create a link to your Photo bucket Photo essay page 10
4 Post the 5 best photos on your web page at http://tullyphotography.wikispaces.com/
• Must be black and white
• No larger than a 900k
• Must have your first initial last name and pe ex (vkillmorepe1.jpg etc) and must be in jpg format 30
5 Complete assignment by 10
Total 100

When students bring back images, help them edit and adjust images using a computer and Photoshop. Then post images on the web.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Math skill used in depth of field and aperture settings.
Have students write a story after looking at a fellow classmate’s day in my life photos.
Links: more samples
samples of photos that show a day in the life
more samples
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Digital SLR, Mobile Labs, Batteries
Other Items: 4 Desktop computers with Photoshop, $ 1000.00 each, total of $4000.00