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Recipes and Recollections

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Keywords: English, layouts, design
Subject(s): English/Language Arts
Grades 10 through 12
School: Blacksburg High School, Blacksburg, SC
Planned By: Pamela M. Hughes
Original Author: Pamela M. Hughes, Blacksburg
Food, Family, and Fond Memories:
A Family Recipe and Recollections Cookbook Project

The smell of warm melting chocolate drifts through the air and brings a smile to my face. Mama is baking chocolate chip cookies…Many of our best memories revolve around delightful aromas, delicious tastes, the occasions that merit them, and the wonderful cooks who prepare them.

In this project, you will write special memories evoked by family recipes and collect the actual recipes used. You will need to involve others in your family – to gather stories and to garner the recipes. Two of the memory stories must be your own; the other three may be told to you by someone in your family.

You may use www.foodnetwork.com or another similar web site to actually type your recipes. I will demonstrate how to do this in class.

Minimum of five recipes and stories, clearly showing which story goes with each recipe.
Well-written stories with a clear explanation of memories associated with each recipe.
Use of descriptive words in the stories to evoke specific appeal to the senses.
Use of conventions.
Neatly and completely put together.
Reproducible: we will put together a class cookbook for each student.
In a binder or bound in some way.
Cover page.
Thanks page.
Illustrations (graphics, clip art, family photos, food photos).

Prepare your favorite recipe and bring enough for each person in the class to have a sample. A sample is not a complete portion.

Read or tell the story that goes with the recipe. Show your photos - either family pictures like the sample I showed you or food photos. Let each person sample the dish. Tell the other recipes you brought. Turn in project.
Links: Link to Food Network
Materials: Point and Shoot, Yearbook, Digital SLR, Mobile Labs, Word Processor, Slideshow, Clipart, English and Language Arts, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries