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Revolutionary Idea

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Keywords: Revolutionary, war
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology, Social Skills, History
Grades 3 through 8
Original Author: Bethany Hamilton, Salem
This project is designed to be a culminating activity to a unit on the Revolutionary war and colonial life during the era. After studying the topic in class, students will take a trip to a colonial period camp. The camp, BloodRoot Ridge, will be set up on my grandfather's farm by my father and other members of his Revolutionary War reenactment group. While there, students will take part in a number of activities: they will tour the camp taking part in daily chores; they will listen to a true story about the colonial involvement in the war; they will eat a typical colonial lunch. They will take pictures of all activities thus far.

Students will also take part in a scavenger hunt where they will be put into groups and act as a scouting party on the trail of a captured man. They will follow a trail of period items hidden throughout the wood. In addition to the period items, there will also be rubber snakes hidden in the woods. Groups will take a camera into the woods to document each item and snake they find. Cameras will be checked at various checkpoints, and groups will be awarded 1 point for each item they found. They will be deducted a 'snakebite' for each snake missed. The group who reaches the captured man and has the highest point total will receive a period prize. Upon returning to school, groups will complete one of the following activities of their choice, all of which involve the use of the camera and the software:

1. Create a Revolutionary/Colonial picture book using pictures taken on trip. Story may be factual or fantasy.
2.Design a Revolutionary period newspaper including graphics.
3.Create a diary, including graphics, belonging to either a member of the scouting party or the captured man.
4.Create an informational web page based on the trip.
*Students will receive a picture of themselves dressed in period clothes as a souvenir.

Parents, as well as other classes, will be invited in to view completed projects.
This always ends up being my students' favorite part of the school year.
See plan.
Materials: Word Processor, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Point and Shoot, Timeline, Slideshow
Other Items: Camera Cases, $100 each
2 Rechargable Battery Pack, $40 each, total of $80.00
1 Additional Camera, $200 each, total of $200.00
4 256MB memory cards, $25 each, total of $100.00