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Bollywood, Philadelphia

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Keywords: scriptwriting, choreographing, musical, cultural education, storyboarding, film editing, Bollywood film, digital filmmaking, story conceptualizing
Subject(s): Photography, Writing, Technology, Video, Art, English/Language Arts
Grades 9 through 12
School: Central High School, Philadelphia, PA
Planned By: Richard Adelman
Original Author: Richard Adelman, Philadelphia
Objective: To conceive a simple boy-meets-girl story... write a screenplay... compose a storyboard... and produce the story with music and dancing in the style of a modern Indian operetta, using digital filming and editing.

Materials: Digital camera, computer, film editing software, (costumes, etc. supplied by the IPCO club; go to http://centralhigh.net/activities.php?cultural) notebooks, classroom (set), blue screen, storyboard template, and cd player.

Procedure: Give students a story outline (boy meets girl, boy pursues girl, girl shuns boy, boy does something remarkable, girl accepts boy). In a group, students work out the particulars and produce a script. Students choreograph a dance for each movement to complement the script. Students create a storyboard for filming the production. Students film the production (which takes place in a classroom, including the dances, which take place in the classroom without desks and chairs). Students shoot some sequences using a blue screen (i.e., Vishnu does battle in the background while the boy dances). Students edit the film. Students screen the film in a special screening in Room 111 after school; one dollar admission; popcorn, twenty-five cents.

State standards: (Too many to mention)
Materials: Video Tools
Other Items: 1 Final Cut Pro, $700 each, total of $700.00
1 Digital camcorder, $400 each, total of $400.00