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Keywords: Interviewing, Community Connections, Digital Video, Technology, Social Skills, Communications, Character Education
Subject(s): Technology, Social Skills
Grades 6 through 12
School: Greenville Middle School, Greenville, MI
Planned By: Kristine Pelletier
Original Author: Kristine Pelletier, Greenville
Goal: Students will interview a community member about his/her job/role in the community. This will create a relationship between the community/local businesses and our local school district.

Time Allotment: (This will vary depending on the background knowledge the students have of video making. ) Preparing and setting up an interview: 1 week, Interview: 1 week, Editing/Creating Video: 1 Week, Create/Send Invitations: 1 week, Movie Night: 1 Night. Total Time: 4 weeks

Interview: Students will choose a business they are interested in from the community. They will be in charge of contacting a person from that business and setting up an interview.

Preparing for the Interview: Students will come up with 10 questions they would like to ask the community member. They will need to rehearse and organize the questions to ensure a professional interview takes place.

Interview: The teacher will set up parent volunteers and release information for rides prior to the interviews taking place. Interviews will need to take place after school or on the weekends. Students will conduct the interviews in groups of 4-5, with each student having a role. Roles consist of lighting, interviewer, camera, sound. The parent volunteer will check out equipment to ensure it is returned after the interview takes place.

Video: After conducting the interview, students will orgainze, edit, and design a movie showcasing their interview. They will need to incorporate transitions, titles, sound, music, video files, and credits.

Invitations: Students will create invitations to be sent to their interviewee and their respective families to attend a premiere which will reveal the movies. Students will also create invitations for their own families to attend as well.

Movie Night: Students unveil and present their Video Movies of their interviews.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries