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A Cleaner Today for a Greener Tomorrow

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Keywords: Environmental, Land, Air, and Water
Subject(s): Earth Science, Science, Technology, Video
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: St Margaret School, Lake Charles, LA
Planned By: Judy Reeves
Original Author: Judy Reeves, Lake Charles
The Environmental Action Plan is:
1. Land: Students will recycle Phone Books, paper, plastic, and aluminum. Record on a weekly basis the amount of recycled items by the school before recycle truck picks up items. Record information on an Excel page and create graph to post on the school website quarterly . To encourage school participation, work with your school's webmasters to post the recycling information on the school web site, which includes the schedule for the recycling truck and other events? Schedule clean up events in your community, or work with Keep America Beautiful. Document all events with photos and captions in a PowerPoint scrap book format .

2. Water: Students will identify storm drains in our local school area by labeling the drains nearest to the school with decals identifying whether they lead to rivers or lakes and recording the data on an area map. Acquire map for drainage department and Invite speakers on the topic from the local water district to share their knowledge of ground water with the students. Make a short silent movie identifying the pollution that can enter the storm drains. Then post to your school website.

3. AIR: Students will write and execute a skit on how the air is affected by incandescent light bulbs. The students will research the different bulbs, and test the bulbs against each other for durability, heat, and wattage used. Student will participate in the energy star save-the-world pledge drive and promoted ____ # of pledges. Students will monitor pledge site and post the amount of CO2 saved by the number of pledges received record information on excel and post on website.

Students will post a video copy of the skits to Youtube.

Links: National Energy Education Development
Materials: Database, Word Processor, Science, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Point and Shoot, Web Page, Slideshow
Other Items: 2 96 gallon trash cans, $ 100.00 each, total of $200.00
1 computer, $ 1000.00 each, total of $1000.00
1 flip video camera, $ 150.00 each, total of $150.00