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Keywords: Weather
Subject(s): Earth Science, Science
Grade 6
School: Seven Springs Middle School, New Prt Rchy, FL
Planned By: Christina McCosh
Original Author: Christina McCosh, New Prt Rchy
The students will observe and capture weather patterns over the course of four weeks in Florida.

The students will take the pictures at different times of the day and set up stations to organize the photographs. They will analyze the different types of clouds that form at different times of day, and they will discuss and record any weather patterns they view at different times of day. For example, some students may notice that it rains every day at a certain time, so they will analyze these pictures for intensity, and discuss what they predict will happen if this weather pattern continues.

Students will also be able to go around the room and observe and reflect on the different types of pictures they have taken from other students.

In being able to view real-life pictures from their everyday environment, students will become engaged in learning how to observe and relate to the weather science topics as curriculum mandates have stated. In using this type of technology, students may also upload the pictures to the computer and manipulate them to show visual predictions of the future.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 25 Batteries, $ 8 each, total of $200.00
25 Digital Cameras, $ 80 each, total of $2000.00
25 Memory cards, $ 15 each, total of $375.00