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A Snap at Geometry

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Keywords: Geometry, Polyhedrons, Math
Subject(s): Geometry, Photography, Technology, Math
Grades 5 through 6
School: Westgate High School, New Iberia, LA
Planned By: Trasima Richard
Original Author: Trasima Richard, New Iberia
1. Students will be read the story the Greedy Triangle, and then instructed to take pictures of various items around school that have polygons.

2. Students will create a display of geometric items using photos taken. The teacher will ask students higher-order thinking questions.

3. Students will draw polygons using dot paper.
A document camera will be used to demonstrate how to draw geometric items using dot paper. Students should make the two different polygons of each type. Allow students to show their work to class. The teacher will guide students into finding diagonals.

4. Explain that mathematicians look for similarities and differences among figures to classify them. Using a document camera, compare and contrast by showing (real-life) examples of a circle, a point, a polygon, and a polyhedron that students have taken.

6. Chart the data on the board using a brainstorming word web. Divide class into two groups, (polyhedrons and polygons) to discuss the various characteristics that pertains to their group.

7. Show video entitled "The Many-Sided World of Geometry: Special Triangles." Ask higher order thinking questions throughout video.

8. Give groups 10 different geometric figures and have students classify them.

9. Give students a worksheet (Classifying Geometric Figures) to classify figures as 1D, 2D, or 3D.

10. Using Inspiration, lead a whole group brainstorming exercise about types of media projects. Give a quick review of different types of creative displays/media presentations. Explain to students that designers often arrange shapes in an organized display such as the portfolio or presentation.

11. Students will access and complete a teacher-made math web-directed activity.

12. Assign a specific dimension to look for geometric shapes. Each group is to take pictures of shapes in their dimension. Each group should also access and follow instructions to complete (SLE Geometric Webquest.)

13 The learners will then present their media products to the class using the document camera.
Oral presentations will be videotaped using document camera and placed on class website and DVD for parent viewing and student review of concepts learned in activity.

Materials: Slideshow, Web Page, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 1 Document Camera, $700 each, total of $700.00