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City's 50th Anniversary: A Snap Shot in Time

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Keywords: time capsule, anniversary, community service, History
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Writing, History
Grades K through 12
School: Suzanne Middle School, Walnut, CA
Planned By: al haskvitz
Original Author: al haskvitz, Walnut
Objective: To create a display of what the community means to those who are living in it on the 50th anniversary of the City.

Students view the video on this history of the city made from my students. This shall be done at several schools and at the senior center.

Next those interested would be loaned digital cameras to take photos of what the community means to them. There would be three rules that apply. Those who take pictures of people must have a written okay from those individuals. Secondly, the photos must have a reason why the picture is important. This is vital for it makes the lesson more integrative and requires more thought in the photo selection. Finally, the format submitted must by the same jpeg format.

The photos submitted will be judged by a group of students and city officials and placed on a website. There the community can read the inscriptions and vote on their favorite ones to be included in the final poster which will be displayed at City Hall and local businesses.

The rules will be distributed to those interested in a variety of locations. The loaning of the digital cameras will be done at Suzanne Middle School with identification. The local Sheriff's Department may handle this as well as the school since the station is easy to reach in the community.

The construction of the website will be done by students in my class with help from the community.

Assessment: The fact that this is a city wide lesson indicates that the best way to evaluate its assessment is by noting the number of hits and votes received. As well, the fact that the students and community will have a video to watch about the history of the community means that there is also going to be a greater appreciation for the founders and how the city came to be. Finally, the fact that the community has so many nationalities may also serve to bring into focus the different viewpoints of these groups and result in a greater appreciation of each other.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Involved will be the technology and computer teachers, the art teacher, the language arts teacher, and the social studies teachers as well as the community leaders. They will each use the objective in their lesson plans and serve as judges.
Contact local media for publicity when the program is completed
Materials: Database, Word Processor, Social Studies, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Sports, Yearbook, Point and Shoot, Wildlife, Podcasting, Web Page, Slideshow
Other Items: 1 art quality printer and ink, $300 each, total of $300.00
10 digital cameras, $200 each, total of $2000.00
1 website domain, $20 each, total of $20.00
1 photo editing software, $200 each, total of $200.00
1 dedicated computer, $600 each, total of $600.00