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Keywords: digital media, podcasts, biography
Subject(s): Podcasting, Technology, Video, English/Language Arts, Journalism, Drama
Grades 4 through 12
School: Swan Valley High School, Saginaw, MI
Planned By: Dawn M. Perez
Original Author: Dawn M. Perez, Saginaw
The high school students will create a survey or interview questionnaire so that they are prepared to ask questions of the elementary students. The high school students should be creative in their questions. The questions should point to the highlights of the elementary studentís life.

The elementary student will create a questionnaire for the high school student with help from the elementary teacher.

The high school and elementary students will meet two to three times, for a total of 2-3 hours.

1. The high school students will meet the elementary class and their special unique partner. (Use Virtual Field Trip Equipment)
2. They will gather information about each otherís lives using the questionnaires they created.
3. The high school student will share the finished product with his/her partner.
4. Evaluation Time (Virtual Field Trip Equipment)

The high school students will spend 3-4 hours creating Vodcasts, which reflect the highlights of the elementary studentsí lives using a video camera, digital camera, tape recorder, and microphone. The Vodcast will consist of still, video, high school studentsí voices and elementary studentsí voices. They will use Moviemaker and audacity software to edit their materials to make the final product. The final product will be on CD or DVD with a computer generated label and presented to the elementary student.

The elementary students will create a handwritten/typed one-page biography of the high school student. They will use Word or Photo Story 3. They will present final project to high school student. The fourth grade student will use a microphone to create an audio file of the biography.

Both sets of students will write a thank you note to their unique partner.

The teacher will be responsible to schedule meeting dates, create a rubric for high school student and elementary student, edit questionnaire and final product, and provide assistance with technical questions.
Materials: Slideshow, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Digital Voice Recorders, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 24 Headphones, $8.00 each, total of $192.00
24 Microphones, $9.96 each, total of $239.04