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Write A Story

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Keywords: language arts, story writing, writing
Subject(s): Photography, Writing, English/Language Arts
Grades 1 through 5
School: Fallsmead Elementary School, Rockville, MD
Planned By: Jessica Shevitz
Original Author: Jessica Shevitz, Rockville
The teacher should prepare for the lesson by creating a wikispace for students to use. Show students how to use wikipages by modeling how to add information, edit text, and create new pages.

Students should create their own page that links to the main space. Each student should write a 2-3 sentence story starter that provides a hook for readers. Then, other students can access that pages and add on a sentence or two to continue writing the story. They should add at least 1-2 sentences to every other student's story. By the time everyone has finished, the original student should have added the concluding sentences. The stories will be complete and every student will have had a hand in writing them.

After the stories are complete, the student who started and finished the story can create a book using publisher software like Publisher, Pixie, or Photostory. They can use digital cameras to take pictures as illustrations for the story. They can also record themselves telling the story and add the audio track to their presentation.
Materials: Slideshow, Point and Shoot