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Digital Illustration - partner draw!

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Keywords: Digital Self Portrait, Artists Statement.
Subject(s): No
Grades K through 5
School: Sharp-Leadenhall School 314, Baltimore, MD
Planned By: Elisabeth Gambino
Original Author: Elisabeth Gambino, Baltimore
Objective: Students will learn the basics of digital image manipulation and create a digital self portrait.

1. Warm up: Students answer a short questionnaire about themselves, while the teacher takes digital a photograph of each student.

2. The teacher uploads images and prints them out. While the printer is working, the teacher explains the how-to of the digital paint program using the SMARTBoard to display the different functions. *accommodation - adjust complexity of functions depending on grade level*

3. Students work manually on print outs, planning their digital manipulations. *accommodation - use of school computer lab to do so, working on the mouse, if program can be uploaded to multiple computers*

4. In partners, students create a "self portrait" using the wacom tablet, teacher's laptop, and SMARTBoard to compose. Teacher and parents assist.

5. When complete, save and print students' portraits. Students use earlier notes to write a short artist's' statements about themselves and their creation. Teacher displays work in a gallery-setting. Students complete a gallery walk, and if time allows, give constructive criticism.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Include writing standards.
Gallery walk.
Materials: Art Tools
Other Items: 1 Wacom Tablet, $349.00 each, total of $349.00