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Student Published Books

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Keywords: Student Published Books
Subject(s): Special Needs, Art, Writing, English/Language Arts
Grade 5
School: Chapel District Elem School, Cordova, MD
Planned By: Colleen Szymanski
Original Author: g.smith, Easton
Cue Set: At the beginning of each week, models of exemplary student published books will be read and presented.

Teaching Strategy #1: Teacher will model the use of Chapter 1 graphic organizers on an overhead.

Guided Practice #1: Students will complete their graphic organizers.

Independent Practice # 1: Students will complete rough drafts of their chapter.

Teaching Strategy #2: Teacher will model use of editing/revising checklist.

Guided Practice #2: Students will edit/revise their chapters with peers, spell checkers, dictionaries, and thesauruses.

Independent Practice #2: Students will publish their chapter, which will include an illustration for each corresponding page.

*This writing process will be repeated 3 more times until all chapters have been published.
*If technology is available, stories and illustrations may be published on computers.
*SMARTBoards would be a wonderful tool to model and share writing.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Social Studies or Science can be utilized by publishing a non-fiction book based on the current unit.
An Author's Tea is a wonderful way to share finished products.
Materials: Worksheets, Keyboarding, Word Processor, Flash/USB Drives
Other Items: 1 SMARTBoard or interactive white board, $399.00 each, total of $399.00