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Keywords: Adjectives, ENGLISH, Promethean Board
Subject(s): Photography, Writing, English/Language Arts, Grammar
Grade 6
School: Sevierville Middle School, Sevierville, TN
Planned By: Nichole Simmons
Original Author: Nichole Simmons, Sevierville
1. To use vivid adjectives correctly in writing.
2. To identify adjectives in sentences, and to capitalize proper adjectives.

Preparing for lesson:
The students will take pictures over a one week period of items they want to place on the slideshow that they can describe.

The teacher will then compile the pictures into a Promethean board slide show using activstudio. The teacher will have some pictures that are without words and some that have sentences attached that need to have the adjectives identified and corrected.

Intro to lesson:

Flash a picture on the board and have the students describe the pictures. Tell the students that the object is a noun, or person, place or thing and they are describing using adjectives.


Students will then use adjectives in the following slides to describe the pictures.

After the students have an understanding of an adjective, advance to the slides with the sentences. The students then must read the sentences and come to the board and circle or highlight the adjectives in the sentence.

Students will then correct the last remaining sentences that have proper adjectives.


Have the students describe a picture that is zoomed in and unrecognizable as to what it is. With the description have the students try to guess what the item is, and then zoom out to see if they are correct.

A small quiz will be given on last 10 slides. Students will use activotes to answer game show style; answers will indicate understanding and if they need more review on the subject.
This lesson is a very engaging activity to use for review of any lesson and can be adapted for many subjects.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
After describing the pictures, create a story using the descriptive words.
Have the students to create their own slideshows using the cameras and Promethean board to test their fellow classmates.
Links: Promethean Planet
Materials: Slideshow, Flash/USB Drives, Digital SLR
Other Items: 1 Promethean Board set up with laptop, projector, activotes, activslate, wand and installation, $ 6554.00 each, total of $6554.00