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American History Digital Movie

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Keywords: theatre arts, film, technology, American history, writing, research, movie, video
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Writing, Technology, Video, Drama, History
Grades 5 through 12
School: Wedgewood Elementary School, Friendswood, TX
Planned By: Lisa Frase
Original Author: Lisa Frase, Friendswood
Subject Areas: Social Studies, Reading and Language Arts, Theatre Arts, Technology

Grade Level: 5

(1) Students will research a historical event in American History.
(2) Students will collaborate to write a film script based on the historical event.
(3) Students will plan, design, create, and execute a video.
(4) Students will present their video to other students.

Goal: The video should demonstrate students' knowledge and understanding of a historical event based on reading and research. The script should demonstrate a strong idea, organization, appropriate word choice, and accurate conventions. Students will use digital video cameras, a movie program, computers, a projector and screen in order to complete this project.

Introduce the lesson by showing a short video clip of a dramatization of a historical event in American History. Discuss the historical accuracy of the video, the research necessary in order to produce the video, the director's vision, the script, and how students can create and produce their own video.

Divide the class into small groups. Each group selects a different event in history. Students will spend several weeks researching, writing, and planning their video.

Instructional Technology: Teach smaller lessons on using the digital camera, video production (such as using a green screen), and how to use the video software.

Production: Students create, edit, and produce their video.

Viewing: The final culmination of the project is a viewing of all class videos.

Extension: Students write video reviews similar to movie reviews.
Materials: Word Processor, Social Studies, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital SLR, Mobile Labs