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T-shirts build school and community pride

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Keywords: Photography, T-Shirt, Community
Subject(s): Social Studies, Photography, Information Skills, Geography, Technology, Social Skills, Art, English/Language Arts, Journalism, Civics, History
Grades 6 through 8
School: Amsterdam Middle School, Amsterdam , NY
Planned By: Lisa Albert
Original Author: Lisa Albert, Amsterdam
Day 1: Have students brainstorm a list of important places in the community or at home they most identify with.
Homework: Students sign up for digital cameras to take pictures of these places.

Days 2-5: Students arrange the pictures on a digital computer program, incorporating the phrase "Team C Loves Amsterdam" (Amsterdam being the city name).
They then print out the finished product on an iron-on transfer.
Homework: Students iron on the transfer on a t-shirt.

Days 6-8: Students research the history of the places they chose. They may also identify the architectural style and how it looked in years past.

Days 9-10: Students write about why they chose specific places, and what they found out through their research. They may use a variety of writing genres including poetry, lyrics, memoir, personal essay, or expository.

Days 11-12: Students present this information to their classmates and the student body. Individuals from the community are invited to attend the presentations.

Days 13-?: Students' written work is sent to the local newspaper (The Recorder) to be published as perhaps a weekly series about the community.
Students' work may be put on the school website.
Materials: Slideshow, Digital SLR
Other Items: 110 T-Shirts, $ 5.00 each, total of $550.00
110 Iron-on Transfers, $ 1.00 each, total of $110.00