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Picture Perfect Parts of Speech

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Keywords: Photography, Parts of Speech, Language Arts
Subject(s): Journalism, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Information Skills, Music, Technology, Social Skills, Art, Math, Foreign Language
Grades 7 through 12
School: Licking Jr Sr High School, Licking, MO
Planned By: Sylvia Shomshor
Original Author: Sylvia Shomshor, Licking
For each of the eight parts of speech, a photography assignment can be administered.

Nouns - person, place or thing
Students will take a photo of:
A person - portrait photography
A place - landscape photography
A thing - still life photography

This could be broken down even further to have students take a photograph of a concrete noun and then an abstract noun (this, of course, would be their interpretation of abstract noun).

Verbs - action or linking
Any physical event - for a school setting, sports are excellent for photographing action shots
Linking verbs would be a bit more abstract when it comes to the photography assignment

Each of the eight parts of speech can be linked to a style of photography, this lesson is truly hands-on learning for the students, and they can relate to the assignments.

Each student in today's society usually has access to a camera or camera phone. However, the DIgital Wish package would make this lesson a reality for all our students.

This lesson could be expanded to include literature, social studies, science, math, character education, or art. It is limitless what can be taught through photography.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
See Above
Materials: Batteries, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 1 Digital Wish Mobile Lab, $3800 each, total of $3800.00