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Introducing Each Other

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Keywords: English
Subject(s): Journalism, English/Language Arts, Writing
Grade 7
School: Parry McCluer Middle School, Buena Vista, VA
Planned By: Julia Dudley
Original Author: Julia Dudley, Buena Vista
*I will introduce the project and discuss how to interview someone. Talk about "dead-end" questions. Talk about the importance of taking good notes and giving specific answers.

*Students are assigned pairs for the project by drawing names. Hand out interview questions for students to look over and add questions.

*Begin interviews. Read and review notes for homework. Take a picture of the person you are interviewing.

*Finish interviews. Begin working on five paragraph rough draft.

*Research any specific information given in interviews. Students must have at least two items to briefly research. Return to classroom and work on rough drafts.

*Rough draft should be complete. Peer editing and revising in class. I will also begin briefly revising and editing rough drafts.

*I will continue briefly revising and editing rough drafts. Students may work on final copies when finished revising and editing. We will also begin working on poster/tag board. On the poster/tag board will be your paper, a picture of the person you interviewed, and pictures of items that represent that person.

*Work on posters

*Project due

*One grade will be a participation grade. Another grade will be on the interview paper. The final grade will be on the poster and your oral presentation.
This is a great way to be creative and make English papers fun and interesting.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could be used in history or science
Materials: Timeline, Slideshow, Web Page, Spreadsheet, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Mobile Labs