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Keywords: Hero, Beowulf, Literature, British
Subject(s): Special Needs, Art, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grade 12
School: Greensboro High School-East, Greensboro, AL
Planned By: Sharon White
Original Author: Sharon White, Greensboro
1. Students will discuss what makes a hero and watch a video on the the Anglo-Saxon period and the Middle Ages.

2. In groups, students will develop a list of characteristics of a hero and identify people who have those characteristics.

3. Students will create a shield, helmet, and sword embellished with symbols that represent the characteristics listed in #2.

4. Students will determine a mode of transportation for their hero (must fit the time period).

5. Students will present their hero to the class.

6. Photos will be taken and the final products will be displayed in the school hallway.

7. Students will read the epic poem Beowulf and identify the characteristics of a hero in the story.

8. Upon completion of the poem, students will perform their version of the epic poem and record the performance.

Materials used:
card board
poster board
aluminum foil
fabric (any color)
arts and craft supplies
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Connect with social studies and lifestyles of the time period.
Materials: Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs, Word Processor
Other Items: 2 Sony mini dvd digital camcorder, $ 299.99 each, total of $599.98
1 Cannon digital SLR, $ 699.99 each, total of $699.99