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Keywords: publishing, writing, editing, drawing, photography, English
Subject(s): Foreign Language, Math, Photography, Social Studies, Journalism, English/Language Arts, Information Skills, Music, Writing, Special Needs, Podcasting, Geography, Technology, Social Skills, Health and PE, Art
Grades 5 through 8
School: Parry McCluer Middle School, Buena Vista, VA
Planned By: Sherrie Wheeler
Original Author: Sherrie Wheeler, Buena Vista
Each student will be assigned to go to their favorite spot or to a location that they find interesting. They will take pictures from this spot - from varied angles.

The student will choose one particular picture that demonstrates their perception of this area.

This picture is where the story begins. The student will use imagination and imagery to come up with characters, plot, setting, conflict and resolution. They will develop their own storyland.

Each student will develop their own story map. This story map will include descriptive words that will then be turned into picture representations of their words. The original pictures will be copied and scenes will be drawn on them to include as illustrations for the book.

Each student will complete each step of the writing process until a final "published" story is created.

Each story will be included in a 5th grade story book that will be published at the end of the year.

STEP 1 - Check out cameras for a week - student are responsible for returning cameras in good condition.

STEP 2 - Students are to carry the cameras throughout the week and take snapshots of their surroundings. It could be a specific person, place, or thing that they find interesting.

STEP 3 - Have students print their top 5 photos. From these top five he/she must choose one that will represent his/her story or several that will help develop the setting and plot for his/her story.

STEP 4 - Student will develop a story map. He/She will develop characters and produce a setting, plot, conflict, and resolution.

STEP 5 - Student will not only write their own narrative, but also illustrate it using their pictures.

The whole process should take at least four weeks.

Materials: Early Composition, Authoring and Publishing, Clip Art, Art Tools, Word Processor, Office Suite, Books, Writing, Literacy, Reading, English/Language Arts, Flash/USB Drives, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Batteries, Tripods, Camera Bags, Printers, Middle School, Graphing, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs