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Let's Go Batty

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Keywords: Photostory, photography, Bats
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Biology, Art, Science
Grades 1 through 3
School: Willow Creek Elementary School, Kingwood, TX
Planned By: Krystal Sims
Original Author: Krystal Sims, Kingwood

To introduce students to the many species of bats, have them research bats, and create a photostory about their specific bat.


1. Read a book about bats like Stellaluna by Janell Canon.

2. Make a KWL chart about bats to gain student's knowledge of bats.

3. Discuss the different types of bats found in Texas. Talk about why they are important, common fears associated with bats, and why they help keep our ecosystem balanced.

4. Go to the school's computer lab and have students visit the following website:
http://www.nsrl.ttu.edu/tmot1/ordchiro.htm to see the different types of bats found in Texas.

5. In small groups or partners, students will choose a bat to research. They will find out it's habitat, if it uses echolocation, if it's a megabat / microbat, how many babies it has, what it eats, etc.

6. Using Google Images, students will locate different pictures of their bat species. They can also create their own bat using Pixie or Kid's Pix. Please make sure that credit is given to the website that the picture is being taken from. (Since we have a bat bridge in Houston, local photographs may be available to use.)

7. Using Photostory, students will create a slideshow using the pictures they have collected. Students will record their own voices using their research. Students may also choose their own music for the background.

8. All students will present their Bat Photostory to the class.

Note: In the past, when doing this unit, I have also had the kids make models, write songs, etc. It is a favorite unit of first graders.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Have students write their own bat book.
Links: Google Images
Batney Ears Video
Link to Texas Bats
Materials: Elementary, Flash/USB Drives, Mice, Memory Cards, CDs and DVDs, Batteries, Printers, Digital Cameras