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Red Ribbon Week

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Keywords: Drama, life lessons, creativity
Subject(s): Art, Social Skills, Technology, Special Needs, Information Skills, English/Language Arts
Grades 4 through 8
School: Madisonville Jr High School, Madisonville, LA
Planned By: Stephen Cefalu
Original Author: Stephen Cefalu, Madisonville
We will start off by looking over a book of monologues dealing with Bullying and Cyber-bullying.
Then the students wil choose two or three monologues to present. They will memorize them and present them.
Then we will "brain-storm" about incidents that might have happened to them or that they know about to see if they would fit into our show.
We will then build the scenes by working our improvisational skills. We will then sit by the computer to type out the scenes.
Then we will place students in order and have then run the show reading their parts and performing their scenes.
We will then critique their work.
We will then correct any areas that need adjusting.
We will then run the show from start to finish to time it.
Afterwards we will discuss the show.
We will then combine possibly two or three classes so that we have an entire show that is around 18-20 minutes long.
Then I have called a former student's father who is with the FBI. He has agreed to come to the school on one of the days and do a short (20 minute) presentation with their drug sniffing dog.
We are considering taking the finished show on the road to the area's elementary school.
I have looked into purchasing coloring books that deal with the area of Bullying that we could hand out to the younger students (grades 4th and 5th).
By doing this we will further increase their interest.
We could then have a contest for selected prizes to motivate students to color the coloring books and hand them back in.
I would like to make this program a regular part of the school year each year.
We can buil don it each year and acquire more material that can be used to "brain-storm" more scenes and further educate the students.
I am hoping to have the show filmed by the School Board's station crew and to have it aired several times on the school board's television station across St. Tammany Parish.
By having the students write and put together their own show, it gives them a feeling of pride. They are a part of the process. It further will increase interest in the talented theatre program at this school.
I also want to educate the students on how to make education and informational short films.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
By doing this students larn teamwork, increase writing skills, learn technology, and have a feeling of pride about their accomplishments.
We wil critique the show and ork on the next one.
Materials: Video Cameras, DVD Camcorder, Digital Cameras, Video/Camera Accessories, Tripods, Batteries, Writing, Speech and Language