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Excel Proability with Dice

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Keywords: Spreadsheets, Math, Graphing, Science, Experimentl
Subject(s): Technology, Science, Math
Grades 3 through 5
School: Liberty Christian School, Owings Mills, MD
Planned By: Linda Bell
Original Author: Linda Bell, Owings Mills
Dice Game
Unit 1 Probability and Pattern
NETS met in this unit
1a, b, c, d 2b 4a, b, c, d, 6a, b, c, d

Lesson 1 Collect Data

Do an experiment on Probability
collect data write the steps in to a graphic organizer (kidspiration)

Allotted time 2 45 min class periods
1. Begin by talking about the scientific method.
a. What is the question we want to answer
b. What do you think will happen? Hypothesis
c. Experiment ( in this case the dice game)
d. analysis (a spreadsheet with data)
e. results
2. Explain the experiment to students
3. Pass out dice, have student roll the dice and record their answers in the table provided.
4. when finished collect the papers
5. Open the kidspiriation template called dice
6. Fill in the information under steps in the experiment
a. Rolled the dice 50 times
b. Recorded the data in a table
7. Change the pictures of the science experiment to dice if possible.
8. Save sheet to use later.

Lesson 2
Transfer student data to spreadsheet, change formatting, and add clip art

Allotted Class time 1 45 min class

1. Show students how to place data into the excel spreadsheet template called dice.
2. Return to seat and open excel template
3. Transfer all student data into excel
4. Save the spread sheet as dice
5. Format the cell font style size and color
a. Highlight the cells
b. Under the format menu pick cells
c. Then pick the fonts tab.
d. Guide students to the proper style of font for a spreadsheet (i.e. curls or other fancy fonts are not acceptable)
6. Make sure the drawing toolbar is open ( view, toolbars, drawing)
7. Click on the clip art icon
8. type dice into the search box
9. have students pick the clipart they would like to use
10. save the spreadsheet
11. click in the at the end of each row marked total and add the sum of each row using the auto-sum tool
a. highlight across the row
b. click auto-sum

12. add a word art title to the page

save exit program

DT1 DT2 DT3 DT4 DT5 DT6 DT7 DT8 DT9 DT10
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

Lesson 2
Charts and graphs

Creating Charts and graphs
Use the data collected in the previous class to create a Scatter plot graph
Format scatter plot graph
Add clip art to the graph

Allotted time 2 45 min class periods.
1. Open saved spread sheet
2. Highlight the data for the graph . Do not highlight the total.
3. Click on the chart wizard icon looks like this
4. At step one press next.
5. At step 2 press next
6. At step 3 under the title tab, give the chart the name Dice x axis is dice throw
7. y axis is a game
8. then press finish
9. This place the graph in your spread sheet.
10. Change the colors of the lines
11. Next click on the gray area behind the lines. Format style and color of graph
12. Save the spread sheet

Lesson 3
Using the drawing tool in Excel

Use the drawing tools and the group command on the tool bar to create several dice decorate the chart
Use word art to add a name to pie chart

1. Open saved work sheet
2. Click on the chart
3. Make sure the drawing tools are shown (view, toolbars, drawing)
4. Draw out a box
5. At the end of the drawing toolbar click on 3D (2nd green box on the end

6. Use 3D style 6 ( hover over each of the icons to see the name)This creates a 3D effect.
7. Double click on the box. In the fill color box change the dice color.
8. Use the circle tool to draw a small circle. Hold down the shift key to keep it a true circle.
9. Copy the circle by holding down the shift and dragging it. Add 4 circle to the dice to represent the number 4.
10. Holding down the control key click on all the entire circles and the square dice.
11. Go to the word draw on the drawing toolbar and find the word group and click on it. This will group the object and allows it to move as one.
12. Place it where they want it on the page.
13. Create a second copy by clicking holding down the control key and dragging. Place this in another location on the page
14. use word art to add their name
15. format the word art
16. save and print the document

Lesson 4
Lab report

Write a lab report for the experiment we conducted

1. Finish the kidspiration dice lab write up What did we find
a. Analyze the graph and charts see if any pattern can be found
b. Have student write in the findings
i. After studying the graph we found not patterns to the fall of the dice
ii. My hypostasis was correct or incorrect
2. print out kidspiration document
3. open word
4. have students write 3 paragraph
a. When we started this experiment I thought_____, because
b. Steps we did in the experiment to collect data
c. Analysis of the data, I was right or wrong and why
5. Use the drawing tools in word to create a die and copy it similar to the step for the spreadsheet.
6. save and print the document
7. staple all papers together and send home with a letter explaining a job well done.
I have used this with 3rd, 4,th and 5th grade. They have loved it.
Materials: Whiteboards, Networked Projectors, LCD Monitors, Office Suite