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Color Coded Reading

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Keywords: Color Coded Reading
Subject(s): Autism, Early Learning, Dyslexia, Special Needs, Reading
Grades P-K through 8
School: Thornydale Elementary School, Tucson, AZ
Planned By: Sarah Robison
Original Author: Sarah Robison, Tucson
Do you have students who grumble and moan or attempt to get out of their turn to read?

Break down your text into various reading abilities and or at random by distributing small sections of text different colors. You can do this by highlighting text or reprinting text in a word format using colored font. Before small reading groups have the students draw a color or assign each student a color. As the students begin to read they will become more excited about their colored text by predicting their turn instead of being surprised by randomly being chosen by the teacher. Peers will also begin to notice whose turn it is and will prompt those who might shy away from originally volunteering. This gets all students in a small reading group format actively involved by self monitoring, sequencing, and prediction.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This strategy can be utilized throughout any reading opportunity. This strategy also supplements color recognition skills.
Materials: Printers, Word Processor