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Going Green Collaboratively

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Keywords: Photography, Art, Technology
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Earth Science, Photography
Grades 9 through 12
School: Morgan Co High School, West Liberty, KY
Planned By: Lowell Cantrell
Original Author: Lowell Cantrell, West Liberty
Students will demonstrate an understanding of and expertise in utilizing digital imaging technology processes to convey the message of how and what the local community is doing toward saving the environment.

Class discussions and activities concerning the effects of global warming, pollution and other environmental dangers too establish a need for more school and community awareness and action.

Final Project:
Student displays that depict the positive things local community is doing to help the environment. The displays will be on display at the local Community Center for all visitors too observe. The displays will also show a variety of digital imaging techniques students have learned in the process.

Each area of the collaborative team is responsible for a specific part of the project as students rotate from area to area. The Science teacher covers items pertaining to the environment such as global warming, pollution, etc. The Art teacher covers basic elements of photography such as composition, design elements, and etc. The Technology teacher covers the basics of digital photography, image editing, and display preparation.

Students are then grouped into teams of three, one student from each area. Over a two-week period, teams are to identify and document local community examples of efforts to save the environment.

Students process, edit, and select the specific digital photos for their team display. The photo selections for the display should include a variety of prints, such as still life, special effects, action, product, portrait, groups, wildlife, landscape, etc. Special effect techniques such as combination printing, successive printing, ghost images, and silhouettes are encouraged.

The student displays are put on display at the local Community Center for all visitors to observe. Displays would also be run in the local newspapers.

Skills Development:
Students will:
Develop skills in creative thinking as they identify and select ideas
and subjects to depict the theme of Going Green.
Enhance communication skills by utilizing technology to effectively convey
Reinforce evaluation skills during the selection of specific photos to
capture the viewer’s

Career Connections:
Public Relations
Graphic designer
Sales manager

Lesson helps student to connect with their own local community. Helps them to begin to take ownership of their community. Develops a stronger sense of pride.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Technology, Earth Science, Art
Language Arts - Student could write proposals for specific projects or procedures that could be utilized in the local community as well as feature articles that spot light specific positive environmental actions within the comminty.

Extra Curricular Clubs - Join together to tackle a major community environmental issue as a community service project for the entire school.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital SLR, Art Tools, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Inspiration, Authoring and Publishing
Other Items: 3 Photo paper, $50.00 each, total of $150.00
1 Photo Quality Printer, $250.00 each, total of $250.00