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Internal Combustion Engine

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Keywords: internal combustion engine, Career and Technology Education, Science, Technology, 3-d modeling
Subject(s): History, Physics, Math, Reading, Writing, Technology
Grades 11 through 12
School: Middletown High School, Middletown, DE
Planned By: Stephen Culling
Original Author: Stephen Culling, Middletown
Students will design parts for a scale-model, internal combustion engine using 3-D modeling software. They will run virtual stress and deflection tests prior to printing out 3-D parts for assembly and prototype testing.

Prior knowledge:
Students must know how an internal combustion works, how to create parts using 3-D modeling software, and how to successfully use the design process. Students will research the history of the internal combustion engine to gather information about improvements that have been made, and what the future might hold.

Student learning:
-work cooperatively with others to achieve a goal
-perform stress/deflection analysis of parts and assemblies
-use the design process to refine their ideas and improve efficiency

Students will be divided into teams to work on sub-assemblies of an internal combustion engine. Each team will have its members be responsible for parts of that sub-assembly. The members will work together to design parts that will work together to give the desired output. The teams will work together to ensure that their sub-assemblies will work together to derive the desired results of the entire assembly. Team members will meet as needed daily to confer on designs and ensure that the parts are compatible. Weekly meetings of the teams will be used to verify that the sub-assembly designs will work together as required.

Students will meet and discuss with the instructor where they are in the design process (oral gathering of data); written reports will be generated on the design, spefications, and constraints of the projects as well as weekly updates on how the process is progressing and what they are doing to ensure they complete the project by the deadline.

Enrichment activities:
Have engineers come and meet with the students to advise them on their designs and the process. Have students refine their design to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Power the motor with an electric motor to be displayed in the school office.
Links: Link to video about uPrint 3D printer
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Electronics
Other Items: 1 Soluble support clean station for uPrint, $3,000.00 each
1 Dimension uPrint 3D printer, $14,900.00 each
1 Install & Training for uPrint, $795.00 each, total of $795.00
1 Shipping uPrint, $450.00 each, total of $450.00
46 4 gigabyte flash drives, $~$20.00 each