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Classical Greece: Magazine Project

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Keywords: Magazine, ancient Greece
Subject(s): History
Grades 5 through 7
School: Ivy Bound Academy, Sherman Oaks, CA
Planned By: Jessica Kiang
Original Author: Jessica Kiang, Sherman Oaks
1st article - cover story: Students will research information including, but not limited to:
• Time periods
• Reasons why Persians invaded
• Reasons why the Persians weren’t successful
• Major battles won (where, when, how, who)
• Important Generals or soldiers
• Explain how Athenian and Spartan cultures helped in the defeat of the Persians
• Military tactics (land and water maneuvers)
• Geographical strengths
Cover story must be at least one and half pages long, 1.5 space, 12 font size, Times New Roman.
2nd article - Pericles: Students are honoring him in this article and talking about his background and how he his helping to strengthen Athens. They must include:
• Background info (when and where he was born)
• Type of social group
• How he became important (include education, opportunities, past careers, and what he has done to make a name for himself)
• Famous quote
3rd article – The “new democracy”: Students will write a persuasive essay comparing the new democracy politics established by Pericles versus the old democracy politics and give reasons why the new democracy is better than the old one. Include the following:
• History of democracy (how and why it started, who did it benefit, how did it work)
• How it changed forms (who was given power)
• New democracy (paid officials, direct democracy, political procedures)
4th article – based on science. Pick a “period” invention of scientific discovery made at the time, only pick one invention. Needs to be ½ page, 1.5 spacing, 12 font, Times New Roman. Include:
• Inventor/scientists name (why they invented/how discovered, benefits)
5th article – based on literature. Pick a piece of literature and do a review on it. Literature can include books, pamphlets, letters, poems, etc. Needs to be at least ½ page, 1.5 spacing, 12 font, Times New Roman. Inlude:
• Author’s name
• What literature is about
• Your opinion
Requirements for magazine:
1. Cover page with a title for the magazine
2. Table of contents (include labels, titles of articles, and page numbers)
3. Cover story (must be related to cover of magazine)
4. Minimum of one advertisement
5. Visuals on each page
6. Maximum of 12 pages, counting the cover and table of contents
This project can be used cross curriculur.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Yearbook, Calculators, Elementary, Graphing, Middle School, Art Tools, Video Tools, Animation, Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Computer Accessories, Power, Keyboards, Bags and Cases, Ports and Hubs, LCD Monitors, Large Pro Monitors, Mice, Flash/USB Drives, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Math, Middle, Science, Social Studies