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Friendship Book

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Keywords: taking pictures, reading, writing, Book making, socializing
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Photography, Reading, Writing, Technology, Social Skills, Spelling, Grammar
Grades 1 through 3
School: Harmony School, Delhi, CA
Planned By: Maribel McCombs
Original Author: Maribel McCombs, Delhi
In first grade one theme we cover is called family and friends. It has story about children their age with their friends and family. I think making a friendship book in which the students are able to take pictures of their friends and the things they like to do with their friends will make it fun and exciting for them.The objective is for the students to use pictures to write and explain their ideas in complete sentences.

First, the students would see an example of what their friendship book will look like. I will have a power point presentation and explain to them what they will be doing. The power point will have pictures and short paragraph talking about each picture. I want them to see how fun it is to use technology in writing.

Next, the students will have an opportunity to use digital cameras to take pictures in class, in recess, the library, cafeteria and in our computer time. They will get to experience how to use a camera and how a picture can reflect the things they like to do with their friends and the friends that are meaningful to them.

Then, they will be able to look at the pictures they have taken and pick the ones they want to use in their friendship book. The students will use the pictures that mean the most to them. I will print them out and have the students write a couple of sentences of each picture. The writing will help improve in high order thinking and how sentenes are used to express an idea. They will write their sentences and revise the structure of their sentences to see if it is correct.They will glue their picture to cardstock and have a nice writing paper on the bottom in which they will have their final writing.

They will present their friendship book to the class and have the other students see their work.They will compare and contrast in the things they thought was meaningful to them. We will use a venn diagram to compare and contrast what was meaningful to them. I will invite the parents so they can come and see their children work. The students will read and show the friendship book to their parents. It will give them confidence to read out loud and improve in their writing and fluency.

Materials: Digital Cameras
Other Items: 1 Mobile Digital Camera Lab, $3,648.95 each