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"Teach it to Me"-Seasonal Calendar

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Keywords: Seasons, Weather, Photography
Subject(s): Photography, Earth Science, Writing
Grades K through 2
School: Greenbrier Elementary School, Greenbrier, TN
Planned By: Shannah Matherley
Original Author: Shannah Matherley, Greenbrier
Methods of Instruction

Initially, I will show the students photographs of weather conditions by using the internet website http://www.photon-echoes.com/seasons_images.htm and a projector. The students will learn which weather conditions and environmental changes typically occur during each season and the months that make up each season.

Students will use thermometers to measure the temperature throughout the months and document the temperature daily in the journals they started in August. They will also use a monthly weather graph to document the type of weather that occurs daily throughout the school year.

Then, the students will be placed in groups of 5. Each group will share 1 of the 4 digital cameras to take photographs of the world outside the classroom throughout the months of January through April. The teacher will combine these photographs with those brought in by students for the months of May through December.

Students will use calendar software to create and set up calendar pages. Each month of our calendar will include a picture that was taken or brought in by the students. Under the picture for each month will be a student’s descriptive writing or poem about that month. The students will vote on which photographs to use for each month. After the calendars are bound, they will be available for students, other classrooms, and parents.

Project Timeline

Jan 5, 2008
Students will view photographs depicting each season using an internet website and a projector and discuss the weather and environmental changes that typically occur in each season.
***Students will continue writing daily temperature in journals and
completing monthly weather graphs (that they started in August), during
the months of January through May.
Jan. 6, 2008
Students will learn which months are included in each season by listening to
the song “Seasons” on the cd, Dr. Jean-Kiss Your Brain.
Jan. 7, 2008
The teacher will provide several examples of calendars for students to view and
explain the photographic classroom calendar project to the students.
Students will view the photographs that have been brought in for the months of May
through December. Then, the students will work in groups to match the photographs
to the months in which each photograph was taken. The students will vote on
the photograph they want to use in the calendar for the months of May to Dec.
Jan .8, 2008
The students will be divided into 4 groups of 5 and will be instructed on how to use a
digital camera to take pictures.
Jan. 9, 2008
The members of each group will take photographs for January examples of weather
and environmental changes.
Groups will go outside and take more photographs to get a good representation of
January weather.
Jan. 30, 2008
Students will look at the photographs they have taken. Each group will
choose their favorite photograph, then the class will vote on the photograph to
be used in the calendar for the month of January.
(This process will be repeated at similar intervals in the months of Feb. Mar., and Apr.)
Apr.6, 2008
Students will write a descriptive sentence or poem about a month that they choose.
The most representative writing for each month will be chosen to be included in the
Apr. 20-23, 2008
The teacher will print, bind, and distribute calendars created for the year 2009.

• Method of Evaluation

The student will be able to match the appropriate types of weather to the season in which it typically occurs.
Each student will be given a 12 page book with blank pages. The student will be required to write the name of each of the 12 months, one to a page. The students will then be allowed to choose 1 photograph for each month from the copies of photographs the students have taken. The student will add the photograph for each month to the appropriate page of his or her book.
The teacher will check the student books for accuracy and provide assistance when necessary.

Tennessee State Standards covered in this lesson:

The learner will represent and interpret data using concrete objects, pictures, pictographs, and bar graphs.1.5.1a
The learner will use a thermometer to measure temperature. 1.4.2i
The learner will recognize that weather conditions are constantly changing. 1.8.1a
The learner will describe weather patterns associated with the seasons. 1.8.1b
The learner will associate temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions with various types of weather. 1.8.2a
The learner will identify the appropriate tool for measuring temperature, precipitation, and wind speed/direction. 1.8.2b
Social Studies
The learner will describe what weather is. 1.3.03d

Share calendar with other classrooms and parents.
Materials: Digital Cameras
Other Items: 20 binder combs, $20.00 each, total of $400.00
4 Digital Cameras, $100.00 each, total of $400.00
several packages of glossy picture paper, $100.00 each