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Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Keywords: voicethread, reading, book discussions
Subject(s): Social Skills, Technology, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades 3 through 6
School: Northside Elementary School, Benson, MN
Planned By: Julie Carroll
Original Author: Julie Carroll, Benson
In our Guided Reading groups, there are sometimes students who do not share their thinking for various reasons. To help eliminate some of the stressers that may cause this, I utilize voicethread.com.

Voicethread.com is a free online tool that allows you to upload a picture or video, then record your voice. With that, it can be shared with others, which in return, they may comment back via text or voice recording. This can encourage all sorts of feedback and discussion.

Students will need to create an account at voicethread.com.

After being given the designated pages read, students will also be given sticky notes. This will be for them to write down any thinking or questions that they have while they read. After the student has read and written down any thoughts they want to share, they will need to create a picture or graphic organizer that shows what happened in the story. It will then be scanned or uploaded via a document camera to voicethread.com. Students will then record their voices, sharing what their picture/organizer depicts and any other comments, predictions, or questions that they came up with while reading. Afterwards, they will send their voicethread to the other students in their reading group, myself, and will have the option of sharing it with the principal, other teachers, and parents.

Their next job during the week, will be to go onto voicethread and look at the voicethreads shared by their groupmates. They will then need to respond to them by typing the text or recording their voice. Either agreeing with what was said and why they agree or disagreeing and asking more questions.
Links: Link to voicethread
Materials: Headsets, Microphones, Reading, Speech and Language